Mentoring framework modelWhen you engage KLI Services as a partner on your project our role is to design, develop, manage and maintain an employment and training strategy that achieves lasting results.

An important part of our role is to select the right training provider to deliver the most appropriate training to suit the needs of the project. We work with many Registered Training Organisations from a wide range of disciplines and know how to ensure everyone achieves their goals from these partnerships.

Few Indigenous people who have grown up in remote locations are ready to step into a job which needs a specific skill set, such as in the mining or construction industries. However, many have completed years of training and with a targeted, ongoing, mentored plan can achieve the skill levels required, not only to take the basic, semi-skilled jobs but also work their way up through a structured career pathway, to trade and managerial levels.

Our model, based on our "6Ps" philosophy, is based on best practice from all our experiences. We customise our approach to fit each situation, with the model encompassing  industry-wide,  long-term  strategic frameworks through to detailed employment, training and mentoring plans for each individual.

KLI specialise in a comprehensive range of services including:

Labour Hire

KLI specialise in providing labour hire employment services for both temporary and longer-term placements and provide cost effective labour hire solutions across many industry sectors including:

KLI’s labour hire services support business to meet contractual compliances, increase productivity and mange your HR requirements by providing trained staff to meet your individual project needs. Our labour hire model provides business with cost effective solutions to your recruitment and staffing needs.

HR Services

KLI’s role is to provide you with as many components of HR assistance and/or labour hire as your organisation requires. We work with you to develop and manage your Human Resource processes, recruitment, policies and tools to ensure you are maintaining effective staffing levels and capacity as well as staying abreast of the latest employment legislations and human resource practices.

HR Policy

HR Administration, Recruitment and Advice

Training and Development

What sets us apart from other employment and training services?

It's simply the mentoring and support, or bridge building that we provide throughout our training programs that makes KLI Services so successful.

In our experience this is often the part funding bodies tend to forget but it is the difference between long-term success and high drop-out rates. The Indigenous employees we train and support on behalf of our clients are far more likely to remain in employment and go on to complete further training because of their positive experience with KLI Services.

If we seriously want to help Indigenous people achieve lasting employment as part of major projects and within growth industries we must provide the right framework and support from project initiation through to completion.

Both sides of a project need support:


right people right skills right place right time

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